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Related article: Date: Thursday, October 14, 2010 21 36th 15 -0600 From: dnrock rock. com Subject : The buff 12 The benefit : dnrock (. dnrock rock com) 12 : Sometimes, what you can do is defend their position Tom tried to approach a complex problem, ethical and technical front of the earthquake prediction. If this is a difficult task for a man with two doctorates s you can see how difficult it is to explain to people, it less academic credentials. Tom looked out the window, and Eddy Conrad would play in the green area in the afternoon sun. He tried to enter over again, but to no avail. Tom got up, went to the bathroom walked through The house aimlessly, trying to organize his thoughts, looking for that sparks of inspiration. Tom looked out the window of his room and gave out the road passes in front of a complex. Something caught his eye, looked more closely at this. Indeed some of the ordinary happened. a block away, he noticed a large grouppeople. It looked like a beer group is carrying out a smaller group. Tom opened the closet and went to get his binoculars. They were two boys, chased by 6 or 8 others. It s recognized the brothers José Mendes and blood could be seen on the face. that s come through the alley beside his house, unless they were captured before arriving. Tom cried Richard, " get your ass out side now, we have problems ! " Tom Richard and pours out of the house and the Mendes arrived at the head of the unit. Tom and Richard took a position in the Bambi Model center of the unit and waved at the boy. Eddy and Conrad saw the commotion and started heading n to the action. Once they saw that they were persecuted Mendes Eddy punches 911 on his cell phone. The attackers were almost upon them, as Tom and Richard rushed forward. Before or Tom Richard could reach them, hit one of the attackers Joseph in the back with a stick and sent him to his knees. Tom entered the battle flying with their attacks, sending the -drive carrier back into accident several of his colleagues. Richard uses his hands and feet to three shipping more, while Michael turned to another to take, also has an association of some type. Conrad rushed forward and kicked the club in their hands, while Eddy dress of the word, which had fallen to the ground, and stabbed the attacker brake them in the head of the other. helped Joseph Conrad aside, sits on the lawn. One of the attempts attacker to avoid this, but Eddy jumped in the air, firmly planted your vice in the other's mouth. The force of the kick landed on Eddy in the ass, and the attacker to his knees, holding his mouth is bleeding now. , the attacker tried to run, but Richard addressed. Michael continued to struggle another fist when the police arrested, comes to the siren call attention from around the world. They also prevented the escape of multiple attackers cutting that route. Bambi Model At this point, two police Bambi Model cars stopped, Edith came home from work, o running orsee was Eddy and Peter Conrad and his motorcycle. A number of neighbors have also approached. Tom explained the situation , while Edith gave wipes bleeding. Eddy, volunteered had made the call from his cell 911. The police wanted to drag us all at first, but Tom said the Mendes were attacked, not May 4-1, the only times we have helped a bit, and yes, we are happy to criminal charges. Why would they chased and attacked Tom did not know, did not want to ask, and frankly did not care a damn. These guys are our friends and neighbors. The police are packaged and labeled for testing weapons. paramedics arrived and decided, after looking through all the two who had Bambi Model Eddy sent, must be seen in the hospital. They wanted to take Joseph and Richard, too, but Peter had been called Derek, who would be in 10 or 15 minutes anyway. Tom took the sergeant aside and asked him to make sure these guys were all brought befoRe Paulina judges and together as a group. The sergeant was not sure if it can be something. Tom politely asked him to talk to the judge Paulino use his name if he had any problems. He sent Conrad in at his business card. Edith took the child in the house clean and Conrad call the parents. Tom one of the officers took her into the kitchen to interview the world and get his testimony. From Tom. Peter had the the presence of mind to calm the child that Mendes had to be n cover and protect the bulls in advance and not try to school friends, "You know how Tom feels about himself intimidated. " Derek came and went all but buries black eyes and absolute right. They were unwilling to name the attacker, but Peter reminded him, the police already had their names. Neither of them said : Peter or the Bambi Model police exactly why they were persecuted and attacked, and afraid to tell their parents. Tom said the official whois to see that, while he not only spoke a little Spanish, but knew the family. Eddy Conrad and describe what they saw and how they helped their friends. was a dinner for everyone, but some, like Edith, you can feed the family much. " Well guys, now we clean and outside the state of increased arousal the battle has subsided, it is time to explain what the heck is all this over again. We know that Bambi Model what when and where, now we need to know why you should to us, the truth, the whole truth. "the brothers looked at each other. Joseph spoke first. "They attacked us because they think they are gay," said snapped. "Are you ? " Said Tom. They looked again for a long time. If you rely on Tom and the others? "OK if you're with us or not, We will not judge, remember that you are friends and friends not to judge. " N " We're not sure," said Michael. Edith did not want to clear faster than to talk to her. " I think my presence makes you feel uncomfortable, so u goI want to pa the office Bambi Model and field trips, but I know you, it makes no difference to me. Tom words, we are not to judge their friends and family. " " " " No, Mrs. Stark, this is your house,Thank you Joseph, but I 'm the only girl here and a couple of times girls can to speak freely , girls, I think sometimes people can speak freely only boys. " Peter spoke to general questions and then some more specific removal of boys. The story was well. Had deceived around each other, like many boys as were his 12 s Bambi Model father came in and found her oral sex. he was frightened, frightened his mother , call the priest, and he taught them about sin, and so on. That was a week ago. Since then, every day in the priests want to school in talks that would call for more and if they had been his sins and absolution requested. " He hear our confessions, we were able not only to lie about it. " The priest was demanding they repent and celebritiess never as sin again. not think it was a sin, and refused to admit it. soon after school today, the "father of the march " approached them and began to called queers and perverts and sinners before the other students; and things escalated. Tom asked some questions about this priest. There as the name and so on. The boys were delineated all as has been running the school. Tom began to match the pattern together. He sent his boys s in the room a Bambi Model bit. " Now the boys are 100 % upfront with Bambi Model me. Do you have sex must be with Jack ?" She nodded. N "nobody knows that? " " No" n "I think Jack is working on now? " "It gets tonight at home against nine," said Joseph. " This priest, was educated in Japan, who was not ? " " Yes, we think so, how do you know ? " " In Japan, use some of the high school teachers some of the boys as executor to ensure that other children to follow the unwritten cultural norms. This is usually the executor of the Polices, and military types in later life. I thought that if the father Sunto educated in Japan, which was only used some of the tricks culture that has been associated with, that's all. He called this guy s father go " I guess intimidate the student is not unusual? " " Yes, sir. " It happens all the time. He has a group of girls. " " Do you have any threat against them. Have you ever used physical courage before? " " So if we do not confess and repent, we would go to hell, and could deal with separation from the family of Christ. Jack told us that, s what we between us was our own business and is only a sin if to be. "Tom recalled the other. " What is between you and Jack, the other must not know approaches is good. " " if they beat all the other kids are not aware of it, "said Joseph. " Are any of the lay teachers at the school friends of his, people Trust " s asked Tom ? " No, but the story seems to be afraid instructorthem. " " What we do now? We can not go to school, if we have home of our parents take us back. They believe that the priest is right and sinners we are, our mother and father of the sentence just gets on penalties. " said Michael, who began to mourn. Eddy Conrad and were on the side of Edith first. Was followed by" Michael and Joseph did what all the boys in adolescence when it alone and the common use of the same room. I think it may have been like a little more are not sure one way or another on the preferences of children. If you're not gay, decided to leave. "Tom announced. Edith and all the guys piped to their unconditional support to them. " Now we must prepare for the events in the coming days. I want Peter Conrad at home, and Richard meet to Eddy brought to bed. I am Joseph, and to the home of Michael Jack. They have four school in the morning. We have a good be proud of today, we remained strong, and when the policet was not there when that would have had a few more trips to the hospital. Joseph and Michael did the right thing by facing these difficulties. so Mendes and sensor - Anderson has a long tradition of resistance proud to know intimidate, not to start a fight, but we do know how safe to end it. " " Edith, my plan is this priest acquitted of business of bullying, once and for all, these guys get into a kind of rational families, foster enlightened, get to parents and see, the pace of the wrong half students, the true meaning of being Christian, " Tom taught information n. Edith did not ask for details, I did not know. of Indeed, she never s Tom been angry when he was at that time. Tom took the boys of his house and his bill is exactly what happened to write from the time they were in the bedroom, called the fight. "High Jack Please come in," said Tom. " I have a message and came to FASt, you could have Joseph and Michael here, are good ? " " Yes, television, a little Bambi Model more delicate and wounded pride. Before talking to them, and I need a short word and strictly confidential. I was told that of his friend and mentor was sexual. Now do not worry I'm not interested in what's in your room or in them, anyway. that s not to mention anyone, nor I, in this context. I will asked to take the child as the foster parents, unofficial. are in it? " " I do not think I did something never done before, but I think so. " " I do not want you or embarrass or Bambi Model harm your relationship with them Jack, could be more than a few nights. If you are unsure, as I You can not ask. I think it best if we keep social services to date Out of this situation as possible. Here I can keep, but I think that that would be more comfortable at home. Probably will cost a just increase your food budget, too. " " Yes,I am sure I will. Read " " Well, that and I will take the children, who should be in our plan to measurements. " Tom went down and got the boy who kicked his feet almost always friend. After Bambi Model Jack finished reading the story, which has adopted two children tight. These guys increase some of the graphic completely Application Data described as n Eddy runners attempts in the child's mouth to attack Joseph , while lying on the ground. Jack was upset by the incident. Tom made ​​the call parents, Ms. Mendes said that the boys had s been through a transition from school and they were safe and not affected severely wounded, but they would not come home tonight. Mendes told him to the fight and reminded of why coming to the U. S.. States. as a refugee. Mendes not see the connection, until Tom mentioned that he was resist intimidation. Meanwhile, the children in your physical protection and physiological. was in fact, come to a meeting to him, Father Sand some others in the community center 04 30 clock the next day. Tom outlined his plan. First Boys to stay with Jack, ending reconciliation with parents. Second Take Sunto father and his gait. Third Move kids to public school. Four Make sure you do not press of this group or another group connected to your current school or church. Fifth Jack and the boys to report this morning at 9 o'clock. Tom o faxed copies of Bambi Model the story to the police, his lawyer and, after that a late night call from the Archbishop. Like always ready for bed, Tom heard the door is unlocked. that went to Bambi Model brush his teeth until he could see the smiling face of Eddy, in the mirror in the path of the door. "I could not sleep," he added, asking , while sweeping the PJ- clad child in her arms? ", I was thinking about this boy and his mouth bleeding. I did not want to hurt, but he tried to hurt Joseph. " Tears began to form his eyes. " I know Eddy, butYou did the right thing. She defends her friend, n was injured. You did what you thought was right at the time, in the circumstances you are. Sometimes that's all you can do. were when all reasonable and rational, as if all this should not happen but are not. You did good, did the right thing. You should be proud of in the it. You do not need to be proud of the fact that these two have children were injured. Do you understand the difference? " " Yes, sir, I do. Understand Dad, I can sleep with you tonight ? " Eddy Tom made ​​in his bed and put him asleep in Eddy t the time, Tom slipped in 4 minutes later, n. 30 Clock eighth, appeared in the Mendes home for clean clothes for children and leave a copy of the story of Ms. Mendes reading. at 10 was with Bambi Model Jack and the boys to the police station to file a formal appeal as a hate crime occurred. This is not surprising that police officers who had seen, the narrative s, which applies to the states of the SCE matchedne, but always the context more. Eddy The mothers of boys had also sent the lawyers were there a slopes on the excessive violence, hospital bills and to for orthodontic treatment. But if the police she remembered Eddy was only 9 and their children had brought a gun with him..... Tom offered to help them in their complaint, but suggested they might want to consolidate its resources to the defense of hate crime situation, "who we are say a little more seriously. " He made sure that his lawyers were introduced Fred, if you want to spend money in a lawsuit. Fred also filed complaints against Father Sunto, school, the Archdiocese and parents on behalf of children, the writer says he had no problem if they were "losing on your desktop for a few days " pointed to a large stack of papers. .............. " Excellency, I think that 's what I do not quite understand. I n and the church the Bambi Model opportunity tothat this situation is right, in a about privet setting. Make sure the priest is invited to his release approach was inappropriate and will be asked to move is a different position now, but that's a small price to pay n we get our crimes charges of hatred and with these guys, that mercy judge Pauline begging on the train. Can " " But Thomas, you know I do not let the black church sent. "Tom knew very good, has a long and turbulent history of the church often and how many times blackmail another. He just rolled his eyes. " Let John You know me better than that. I offer an opportunity to make it right. I ask you not to make any representations o admission, theology, only secular matters. in return. I will make sure that nothing gets in the press, by looks like a schoolyard fight. You also have the opportunity, Your faithful a lesson of forgiveness and atonement. " " But why do you ask meTo punish the priest, who broke gun laws ? " " I ask you not to punish him as such, maybe it broke no law on firearms, , but what made his authority and abused methods not seen since day of the Inquisition. All I'm asking you to do is to take possession of it its failures, and perhaps overzealous application of faith, n. John let s the punishment fit the crime. Sure it is a little humiliating for him, , but if I remember correctly, is the humility of their votes. " " I should have known better then to argue with Thomas. Sure, the judge Pauline will, along with all this? Yes, I'm sure Jack Handson, the Mendes guy is temporary guardian, when a friend of the court suggested "march " of the Community assigned eight hours of service are the gay and lesbian youth father Richards' support group, you can arrange to have safe. San Francisco is not so far from this community and I think it's teaching experience , a valuable lesson about being a Christian. You know, DadUline were, she and I are in the course of comparative religion y sure I did my article on restorative justice. I'll fax copy, I think you 'll like the way you have some of the ideas of Thomas Aquinas discussed. " the afternoon the Sunto father apologized to the kids and parents. It s, even suggested that he go along with Tom 's plan to make temporary Jack guardians of children can be taught to a reconciliation of family and with the father of Richard. once done, remove Tom Fred was seriously fees. to do all the passage of eight years, had been pleading no contest the struggling to hear Richard 's father and the judge Paulino mini -conferences -y to complete his community service. Later in the hearing of a few weeks, the child of Pauline Mendes says judge who bore no grudge against his attacker, hoping to become indulgent, but when I was with them. Tom and Jack expected the boys to find their way together through the maze of sexual exploration and come to some terms with themselves and their faith. heI was sure that would come with their parents.
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